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Mental reprogramming

Dear entrepreneurs,

We are pleased to invite you to a special event we are organizing to explore the possibilities offered by the workshop REPROGRAM YOUR MIND, ACCELERATE YOUR SUCCESS: DO IT WITH CHATGPT!*

"This event is specially designed for a wide range of participants: from entrepreneurs and professionals to students and those curious about the topic. If you are looking to break free from old patterns and limiting beliefs and are interested in enhancing your efficiency through the use of Artificial Intelligence, this is the ideal space for you.

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Join this free course!

Thanks for joining, we'll see each other soon!

Course details


Martes 14  de noviembre

de 11:00am a 1:00 pm CST


IHCC Office

801 W Irving Blvd., Suite 201


Why join this course?


Mental Reprogramming: You will identify mental blocks and discover new possibilities for action.


You will enhance your creativity and problem-solving abilities using artificial intelligence.


You will gain tools to make more accurate and coherent decisions in various areas of your life.


At the end of our workshop, you will have a renewed ability to take on new challenges in both life and business.


You will learn the basic principles of ChatGPT and how to use it in various topics.


You will leave with a new Roadmap to start 2024 with fresh perspectives for success.

Course contents

Day 1

Mind reprogramming

  • Program Presentation

  • You only tune into what you have programmed

  • What your current results depend on

  • Questions and answers

Introduction to Chat GPT

  • Introduction and applications of Chat GPT

  • Creativity and effectiveness in using Chat GPT

  • Questions and answers

  • Closing dynamics

Day 2


  • Program presentation

  • Wheel of ife: where are we now?

  • Learning to have new thoughts

  • Questions and answers

Practical workshop

  • Learn to use Chat GPT for success

  • Case studies and applications in different sectors

  • Practical exercises

  • Questions and answers

  • Closing: action plan


Who will be teaching this course?

Lara is a certified healthcare psychologist in Spain and an ICF-accredited coach in the United States. She specializes in managing emotions and behaviors and is a mental trainer and speaker. It's a privilege to have Lara for this experience!

Daniel Mirabal, MBA, international business consultant, and coach, with extensive experience in Latin America and the United States; specialized in Prompting Engineering for the development and use of ChatGPT to support life and business decisions.

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